Update! mega update, life changes

Ok so don't send out the search party just yet, I haven't gone missing I am still here but things have changed well a lot has stayed the same but a lot has changed.

I'm slightly older still no wiser 😀

My hair has changed numerous times in my absence –

^^^ most recent snap aiming for silver grey hair currently
I went to the Nurburgring and I have another trip planned in August it's amazing –
One of the best experiences in my life I can't wait to go back!
I still collect I still go to bootsales- my collecting may have even got out of hand slightly ekkkk. Currently at the 800 mark for games and consoles who knows! I will update about some key buys soon.
Maybe the biggest change in my life is my change of career, after years and years of sales positions I left my job as a recruitment consultant in September and embraced a complete career change.
I am now a crane operator!! Tower crane, crawler crane, pedestrian crane I can do them all! I have completed my time at college and am currently working in my company's yard in order to achieve my blue CPCS tickets.
So why?? Well the main reason was I needed a change I no longer enjoyed what I was doing and had not for a very long time. I never dreamed in a million years I would be offered an apprentiship with a top company especially at my age, I thought opportunities like this were reserved for teenagers.
Please don't get me wrong it was a huge leap for me and a huge change but what did I have to lose? Why shouldn't a woman drive a crane? Why can't I be as good as the men on building sites. If anything I believe I try harder, maybe I feel I have more to prove?
So far so good all tests passed first time and I'm actually very good although unsure if I prefer crawlers or towers yet, hopefully I will get my tickets under my belt soon and head out to site ASAP.
Some snaps of what I have been up to-
It has been an amazing experience and I am so so glad I grew some and grabbed the change and the opportunity with both hands. I also have a few more tickets banksman, ipaf, slinger signaller I'm a well rounded woman in construction 😀
Ohhhhhhh and I have new fish –
A dirty trainer habit I try not to talk about and a growing comic collection.
Thanks for stopping by, Katie xx




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